"Want your own Web-Site?" link appears on every site.

At the bottom of all of the Customers' web pages, three unobtrusive links will be displayed, one of which is: "Want your own Web Site?". Visitors clicking this link will be directed to view one of our websites that provide information on our Personal Domain Service. Customers, can via their 'Commission drop down menu' in their Administration controls, monitor the status of their introductions.

Affiliates' must complete the on-line Affiliate's Application form. Visitors, clicking a link from an Affiliate's site, will also be directed to one of our websites to read about our Personal Domain Service. Their link can be worded "Want your own Web Site?" or they can choose their own wording for their promotional link, logo or advert they display on their Web Site to publicise our Personal Domain Service. From their Affiliates' Commission records page they can monitor the status of their introductions.

Visitors from either our Customers’ or Affiliates’ sites will be able to read that the owners of the site that referred them, will be credited One Pound commission if they sign up and continue using our service after the 7 days' trial period is over, as indeed they will be entitled to commission for their own introductions if they suibscribe to use our services.

Commissions are paid via PayPal's Mass Payments Service.
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Affiliates can make money promoting our Editable WebSites.
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