Translating Web Site Content and Messages.

Your Web Site can be set-up and displayed in your local language, instead of English, but you must ensure that the provisions of the Agreement are fully complied with as regards acceptable contents and use of the Personal Domain Service. The three unobtrusive links must be displayed in "English" at the bottom of each of your web pages.

Customers, intending to use the OurPages Templates to create a web site in a language other than English or a multi-language web site, should use their 7 days trial period to ensure that the web pages they create do display properly in their local language because the Registration Agents will be unable to correct any display problems in any other language except English. 

Before you are allowed to complete your on-line registration, you have to confirm that you can read, write and understand English. In the event of any dispute regarding web site content written in a local language, you must also agree that you will always communicate in English, in any exchange of e-mails between yourself and Our Pages Ltd.

You need to use an appropriate keyboard for the language of your choice and be aware that web browsers will sometimes generate the message "Language Pack Installation" required, which some users will need to download, to view pages created in some other languages, different from English.

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