To stop abusive use, the website owner has agreed with Our Pages Ltd to the following conditions: 

Before completing their on-line subscription to use the Personal Domain Service, the site owner has agreed that their choice of a Personal Domain Name, used as their website address, will not incorporate lewd, litigious or unpleasant words or abuse any trade mark, or will not be registered to pass off another firms' or person's trading name or mark or be a name that will be confusing to those contacting them because of the similarity with another person, organisation, club, society or a trading name that has already established goodwill; all these forbidden choices for a personal domain name are hereinafter referred to, collectively, as "a Prohibited Personal Domain Name"; if in doubt, they were urged to take legal advice before registration.

Although Our Pages Ltd cannot be a party in name-disputes, in accordance with our Registration and User Conditions we are allowed to suspend or cancel at any time, the use of a Prohibited Personal Domain Name and we are allowed to cease displaying any web site.

The Website Owner has also agreed not to use or allow others to use the Personal Domain Service to publish on their web-site or allow any link to any other web-site, blogging pages or discussion forums or allow their own blogging pages or discussion forums (if forming part of their web site) to provide information that could be construed as passing themselves or their visitors off as some other person, group or Organisation or for making any unlawful, obscene, abusive, libellous, derogatory, offensive, cyber bullying or objectionable statements or any activity that is prohibited by law or for the promotion of violence, weaponry, hate sites, militant ideology or pornography in any form whatsoever or anything associated with the sex or escort industry or for displaying illegal or nuisance information that violates others’ racial or religious rights and beliefs or discriminates against their gender, age or disabilities or to allow their website to be used to promote and/or sell drugs, medicines, medical and health advice and services, pyramid schemes, chain letters or any form of gambling or used to send spam e-mails or for harvesting information and e-mail addresses to facilitate others to generate unsolicited communications or use their websites to advocate hacking, cracking or to assist in the creation and/or distribution of computer viruses, or to participate in any form of sending mass unsolicited e-mails, irrespective as to whether the Personal Domain Service is being used for Personal or Business use. But, if the Website Owner becomes a victim because 'innocently' they have allowed their computer to become a ‘bot’ or 'zombie' and therefore controlled by a third party, resulting in their relaying spam, launching phishing scams or being involved in denial-of-service attacks without their knowledge, then they have agreed to Our Pages Ltd blocking access to their servers from any infected computer until the third party’s ‘bot’ has been removed by them using anti-virus software to prevent future occurrences. Sites that are created by the website owner as a fan or supporter of modern or historic buildings or locations or incorporate the name of an established entertainer, singer, pop group, band, sports team or any business, government or charitable organisation will only be displayed if no objections are received from the organisations owning buildings or locations or persons and/or organisations being promoted on the site.

If the Website is being used to promote a business or an Organisation with club membership rules, the Website owner has agreed to conform with the provisions of the distant selling regulations and to display additional compulsory information on their web-site and to prominently display their trading name, full postal address and phone number and any club membership rules or terms of business and to protect their customers or club members against bank, debit and credit card fraud. Optional software facilities may be provided by third parties for free personal use with the Personal Domain Service; the Owner has agreed, if using such optional software for business use, to obtain a commercial licence from the third party, if required.

The Customer agrees to display the following text at the bottom of each of their web pages they created using the Registration Agents' Instant Editable Website software: Website generated with Our Pages Ltd's software. Click links below if of interest: Want Your Own Web-Site? Compare Our Pages Ltd's Service. Report Wrongful Use.