Renewal of Personal Domain Service Subscriptions.

Subscriptions to extend your current use of Our Pages Ltd's Personal Domain Service are to be paid upon expiry of the existing duration period. At present, the maximum subscription period Customers will be allowed to subscribe in advance for, will be two years. The annual fees, payable in advance, will be calculated at the current advertised subscription rate which, at present, is the half price, introductory twelve pounds offer, inclusive of VAT; any increase to the subscription, payable at a future date, will not affect subscriptions that have already been paid.

If you wish to extend your subscription to use the Personal Domain Service you will need to activate the 'Renewals tab' option in your Administration  Controls. Simply enter your website address below, then click the 'Administer Site' button. Once you have done this, you will be prompted to enter your user name and password to be granted access to your Administration  Controls. Note: As a precaution against Internet Card fraud, all on-line Credit and Debit Card payments will be held in trust for a period of 90 days prior to the Registration Agents being entitled to receive them.

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Remember: Currently, customers are restricted to subscribing, or renewing subscriptions, for up to a maximum of two years in advance.

Transfer of a Personal Domain Website to a third party.
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