Our Pages Limited's Privacy Policy.

As soon as you subscribe to use the Our Pages Ltd's Personal Domain Service, then, providing you always adhere to the Registration and User Conditions, neither your e-mail address or that of any of your visitors will be sold, rented, bartered or made available to anyone.

But, in complete contrast, to protect the integrity of Our Pages Ltd's Personal Domain Service, in the event of any legal dispute or unauthorised use of your Web Site, the Registration and User Conditions grant Our Pages Ltd permission to reveal to the police, government authorities or any aggrieved third party, without notice, the contact details of the person or organisation, who is registered to use the Personal Domain Service but has not adhered to the Registration and User Conditions and Our Pages Ltd has also permission to cancel or suspend their web site, whether it is displayed in English or a local language.

To publicise our service and also to protect the integrity of both our Customers' and Our Pages Ltd's respective web sites, three unobtrusive links are displayed at the bottom of each of our customers' web pages, one of which is called Report Wrongful Use. Our methods of policing and enforcing contractual obligations in cases of abuse or unauthorised use, by means of our these links, are an integral part of Our Pages Ltd's Privacy Policy.

Wrongful use of a site created with Our Pages Ltd's software.
Click on abuse of a Personal Domain Website for information.
Customers Agreement detailing User Terms.
Click on customer's agreement for information.
Affiliates Agreement sets out Terms and Conditions.
Click on affiliate's agreement for information.

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