Friendly Introduction to the Registration and User Conditions.

One of the reasons why we allow you 24 hours to try out the website creation templates is to provide you with plenty of time to print out and read the Registration and User Conditions; because our service has mass appeal, the Conditions have to cope with a vast variety of uses that could prompt contractual disputes if things were not set out clearly. We have deliberately used a type size that is easy to read; this has resulted in a lengthy document, but many of the clauses are there to deal with eventual problems that may never arise or may not be relevant to your specific use of the Personal Domain Service.

It is in everyone's interest to ensure that the Personal Domain Service is not abused; the Registration and User Conditions are written in plain English, clearly setting out the extent of your own and Our Pages Ltd's obligations and commitments to each other and to third parties.

After reading the Conditions, you will understand why we have to insist on compulsory information being displayed on web sites, how to ask and then subscribe for having additional bandwidth usage and/or additional server space, should the need arise; the pitfalls of forgetting your password to your Administration Controls page; the consequence of failing to adhere to the permitted use of a Personal Web Site; your obligations when translating web-site content and messages (in another language other than English) and the conditions imposed on you when using any open source software in conjunction with your Personal Domain Service.

Important: We cannot accept subscriptions from anyone who cannot confirm that they can read, understand and write English; nor will we allow web sites to be used for promoting violence, pornography, anything associated with the sex and escort industry or for any unlawful activity.

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