Compulsory Information to be displayed on all Business and Club' web sites.

To minimise the possibilities of disputes arising from Web Sites being used for a small business or an organisation or club with membership rules, the owners of such websites have agreed to display some compulsory information on their site.

Our Pages Ltd's Customers who use the web site they created for a Business or a Club have to activate options accessible via their administration controls to confirm that their use of any web site they created for a business or a club will clearly display:

Their trading name, full postal address and phone number and any Club membership rules or terms of business, so that visitors to their website can be readily made aware of this essential information.

Indeed, since 1 January 2007 all companies in the UK must clearly state their company registration number, place of registration, registered office address and, if the company is being wound up, that fact, on all of their websites. A common place to put this information is under "Our Contact Details". All businesses selling any products or services on the Internet must conform with the provisions of the Distant Selling Regulations.

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