Customer's Administration Controls - make it easy to run your website.

The Administration Controls can be accessed by entering your website address plus /siteadmin into your web browser; example: if your website address is, you would enter, whereupon you will be prompted to enter your user name and password to gain access to your Administration Controls.

The Administration Controls consist of three easy to operate 'drop down menus' and a language selector.

The left default drop-down menu displays ten options but only the following are activated at the present time: Edit a Page; Edit the Meta Tags and/or instigate Password Access Restrictions to specific web pages; Add/Delete Page(s); add Images to your on-line Personal Image Library and/or insert them on a web page in a position of your choosing. The following options will be activated shortly: view details of commissions due to you for introductions (this information will be instantaneously updated whenever a commission is due to you). You will also be able to see which website operator, if any, received commission for introducing you!

The middle drop-down menu allows you to select the page you want to edit in your choice of language (providing your website consists of more than one page because you have already added them; otherwise, it can be used to change the language displayed on your home page).

The right drop-down menu lets you choose the section of the page you want to change: the title (heading at top of the page), the top (latest news section), the centre section or you can choose to edit the whole page.

You can use your web site for business or personal use.

This will be reflected in the message displayed, should one of your visitors click the Report Wrongful Use link that appears at the bottom of your web pages. The option to change from business to personal use and vice-versa can be exercised anytime via your Administration Controls and the message, displayed upon clicking the Report Wrongful Use link, will automatically be changed to reflect your new current use.

If using your website to promote a business or an Organisation with club membership rules, you have to conform with the provisions of the distant selling regulations and display additional compulsory information on your web-site, showing your trading name, full postal address and phone number and any club membership rules or terms of business which you can scan from any existing printed version and upload to your Personal Image Library (your collection of photos and images stored online for you), from where it can be easily transferred to any of your web pages. You also have to protect your customers or club members against credit card fraud.


1: Administration Controls link: if you decide to display it on your website.

2: Your Contact Details, mandatory, if you are promoting a business or a club.


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6: Transfer a Personal Domain Name.

7: To claim commission by activing the Payment Button.

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